Image Hunter at ImageCLEF 2012 Personal Photo Retrieval Task

TitleImage Hunter at ImageCLEF 2012 Personal Photo Retrieval Task
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsTronci, R, Piras, L, Murgia, G, Giacinto, G
Conference NameCLEF (Online Working Notes/Labs/Workshop)
Date Published17/09/2012
Conference LocationRome
ISBN Number978-88-904810-3-1

This paper presents the participation of the Pattern Recognition and Application Group (PRA Group) and the Ambient Intelligence (AmILAB) in the ImageCLEF 2012 Personal Photo Retrieval Pilot Task. This is a pilot task that aims to provide a test bed for QBE-based re- trieval scenarios in the scope of personal information retrieval based on a collection of 5,555 personal images plus rich meta-data. For this chal- lenge we used Image Hunter, a content based image retrieval tool with relevance feedback previously developed by ourselves. The results show that we obtained good results by taking into account that we used only visual data, moreover we were the only one that used relevance feedback.

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