Fusion of Multiple Matchers for Fingerprint Verification

TitleFusion of Multiple Matchers for Fingerprint Verification
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsMarcialis, GL, Roli, F, Loddo, P
Conference Name8th Congress of Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence
Date Published10/09/2002
Conference LocationSiena (Italy)
Keywordsbio02, biometrics

Automatic identity verification systems play an important role in many applications where the access to critical resources must be controlled (e.g. internet transactions, airport access and so on). Fingerprints have been used as biometrics to identity verification, and many techniques have been recently proposed for fingerprint identification. In this work, we propose a methodology to fuse the decisions of multiple verification algorithms in order to increase the robustness and the performance of a fingerprint verification system. Experimental results showing the effectiveness of our approach are reported.

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