A Two-Stage Classifier with Reject Option for Text Categorisation

TitleA Two-Stage Classifier with Reject Option for Text Categorisation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsFumera, G, Pillai, I, Roli, F
Conference Name5th Int. Workshop on Statistical Techniques in Pattern Recognition (SPR 2004)
Date Published18/08/2004
Conference LocationLisbon, Portugal
Keywordsclassification reliability, doc00, doc01, document categorisation, rej00, reject option, text categorisation

Abstract. In this paper, we investigate the usefulness of the reject option in text categorisation systems. The reject option is introduced by allowing a text classifier to withhold the decision of assigning or not a document to any subset of categories, for which the decision is considered not sufficiently reliable. To automatically handle rejections, a two-stage classifier architecture is used, in which documents rejected at the first stage are automatically classified at the second stage, so that no rejections eventually remain. The performance improvement achievable by using the reject option is assessed on a real text categorisation task, using the well known Reuters data set.

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