Capturing large intra-class variations of biometric data by template co-updating

TitleCapturing large intra-class variations of biometric data by template co-updating
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsRattani, A, Marcialis, GL, Roli, F
Conference NameIEEE Workshop on Biometrics, Int. Conference on Vision and Pattern Recognition CVPR 2008
Date Published23/07/2008
Conference LocationAnchorage (Alaska, USA)
ISBN Number978-1-4244-2339-2
Keywordsbio04, biometrics, face, fingerprint, template update

The representativeness of a biometric template gallery to the novel data has been recently faced by proposing “template update” algorithms that update the enrolled templates in order to capture, and represent better, the subject’s intra-class variations. Majority of the proposed approaches have adopted “self” update technique, in which the system updates itself using its own knowledge. Recently an approach named template co-update, using two complementary biometrics to “co-update” each other, has been introduced. In this paper, we investigate if template co-update is able to capture intra-class variations better than those captured by state of art self update algorithms. Accordingly, experiments are conducted under two conditions, i.e., a controlled and an uncontrolled environment. Reported results show that co-update can outperform “self” update technique, when initial enrolled templates are poor representative of the novel data (uncontrolled environment), whilst almost similar performances are obtained when initial enrolled templates well represent the input data (controlled environment).

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