Proceedings of the {ACM} Workshop on Lifelog Search Challenge, LSC@ICMR 2019, Ottawa, ON, Canada, 10 June 2019

TitleProceedings of the {ACM} Workshop on Lifelog Search Challenge, LSC@ICMR 2019, Ottawa, ON, Canada, 10 June 2019
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2019
EditorGurrin, C, Schöffmann, K, Joho, H, Dang-Nguyen, D-T, Riegler, M, Piras, L
ISBN Number978-1-4503-6781-3

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the second Lifelog Search Challenge - LSC'19, at ACM ICMR'19 in Ottawa, Canada. Motivated by the success of the first LSC in 2018 and driven by the realization that lifelog organisation and retrieval continue to pose significant challenges for the research community, the organisers have run a second in the series of LSC workshops. The mission of the LSC workshop is to support the development and comparative evaluation of interactive lifelog retrieval systems by releasing test collections and defining research challenges to be solved by the community in an open and collaborative manner. LSC'19 is a participation workshop, which means that the participants write and present an academic paper describing their retrieval system, as well as taking part in the live interactive search competition. At LSC'19 there will be nine short oral presentations, followed by the search challenge integrating both expert users in a private session and novice users in a public session, which never fails to excite.
The call for papers attracted submissions from Asia and Europe and ultimately nine papers were selected for inclusion in the program, from Austria, China, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland, Taiwan and Vietnam. Each of these papers is accompanied by a working interactive search engine. The organisers are delighted that four of the six participating teams from the first LSC have refined their search engines for LSC'19. This means that five of the teams at LSC'19 are competing for the first time.
Putting together all the required elements for the LSC'19 was a team effort. We first thank the authors/developers for providing the content of the program and systems for the challenge. We are grateful to the organisers and program committee for reviewing papers and providing feedback for authors. We thank the team at Dublin City University and Klagenfurt University for preparing the dataset, the novel time-specific information needs and the real-time evaluation engine. Finally, we thank the chairs of ACM ICMR'19, the workshop chairs who provided wonderful support and the ACM SIGs.

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