Matteo Mauri

Science dissemination and exploitation manager.

Matteo Mauri has graduated, with honors, in April 2007 at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", Faculty of Scienze della comunicazione, and attended the "Advanced course for experts in digital cultural contents" (July 2007 - July 2008).

He has worked for public structures (
Unisofia - Consorzio Interuniversiatario per l’Università Telematica, Unitelsardegna; University of Sassari - Faculty of Architecture; Sardegna Ricerche) and private companies (Space spa - Cultura e Innovazione; Unicity spa - Idee e tecnologie per la comunicazione) in the communication area of ICT companies and in the field of digital cultural heritage.

Matteo Mauri joined PRA Lab in April 2012. He works in the Science dissemination and exploitation area and in the communication and public relations area.

During this experience he has been involved in five european projects (Tabula Rasa, Maven, ILLBuster, CyberROAD, DOGANA) and in three local projects (sTATA, GAmI, SeCVPR).