Malware Detection

What is it?

Malware is the acronym for “malicious software”, that is software generally aimed at getting access to private or reserved information stored within IT systems, or, alternatively, to compromise systems itselves. Thus, as information is a valuable element in the globalized world, the protection of the IT systems against “cyber-attacks” has been universally recognized as one of the most difficult challenges for the modern society.

Modern malware is advanced and sophisticate: its development is driven by well defined goals (e.g. an underlying business model), it has a clearly defined target (which is often studied by the means of social engineering techniques), and it requires advanced skills to be implemented.


How can we fight Malware?

To adequately protect systems, information, and related users is not trivial, as malware can potentially target billions of devices worldwide (both computers and mobile devices), each one with his own operating systems, installed applications, configuration, and vulnerabilities. Moreover, attacks can be conveyed by a number of different vectors,  such as web pages, documents (e.g. PDF, Flash Documents, Javascript), or mobile applications.

PRA Lab develops systems for the automatic and early detection malware. Systems developed at PRA Lab are built upon machine learning and pattern recognition algorithms in order to ensure the detection of never seen before (“zero-days”) attacks.