Flux Buster

Fast Flux Network Detector

Automatic Network Identification and Classification
Flux Buster employs a machine-learning approach to the accurate identification and the classification of fast flux networks observed in-the-wild (as soon as they attract new victims).


Input Data
Flux Buster's data feed is made up of authoritative DNS replies. Currently, such replies are provided by Security Information Exchange, and reflect real traffic on recursive DNS employed in multiple, large networks.

Reat-time protection: application example
Flux Buster can be used to automatically generate a DNS level blacklist and, e.g., protect ISP users against any dangerous network connection towards fast flux agents.
Flux Buster detection results are available through a user-friendly web interface. The list of detected fast flux networks and domain names is updated each day, and is available from July 2010 up to now.



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