Mikel Zurutuza

Mikel Zurutuza completed the Technical Engineering in Computer Sciences (2007) and the Superior Engineering in Computer Sciences (2010) from Mondragon University (Basque Country, Spain).

He then worked as software developer and data engineer at CICtourGUNE, The Association for Cooperative Research in Tourism of the Basque Country (September 2010 - October 2015). During this period, he also received the MSc of Computational Engineering and Intelligent Systems at the University of the Basque Country (2013) by discussing his graduation thesis entitled "Spatial analysis in the territory of Bizkaia".

In addition, during and after his job experience, he took several MOOC courses like Data Science (Johns Hopkins University)(2014) and Big Data (University of San Diego)(2016) specializations.

Research Interests: Machine Learning for Pattern Recognition, Biometric Recognition, BioInformatics